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Sweet Heart Bundle


  • Image of Sweet Heart Bundle
  • Image of Sweet Heart Bundle
  • Image of Sweet Heart Bundle

This bundle was curated especially for Valentine's Day but can be used anytime one needs to cultivate a little Self-Love or Love in general.

Each bundle contains:
💌 Sweet Heart body butter
💌Strawberry lip balm
💌Two Heart chakra gem stones
💌Heart Prayer| Meditation

For added beauty and to facilitate your intentions light a pink candle before you begin your mediation. 🕯

Our body butter is a sweet treat for body and mind. Moisturizing and good for all skin types. Made with organic oils and essential oils. 🌹

Our strawberry lip balm is made with organic strawberries, organic oils and local NorCal beeswax. We hope it brings a smile to your lips. 🍓

Rose quartz and a light green stone help bring calming energy and heart centered energy to your being.

Our Heart Prayer|Meditation is a short and sweet intentional prayer to cultivate self love and self trust. We at Moon Wise believe that when we have a good relationship with ourselves we can have positive relationships with our fellow humans. This is my gift to you. I hope it is helpful for calming and cultivating. Written during the dark nights of Winter while dreaming of Spring. 🐣

Image of Patchouli Perfume Roll-on
Patchouli Perfume Roll-on
Image of Lip Balm
Lip Balm
Image of Anahata Soul Soak
Anahata Soul Soak
Image of Starshine Face Serum
Starshine Face Serum
Image of Violet Flower Skin Cream
Violet Flower Skin Cream
Image of Rose Lip Balm
Sold out
Rose Lip Balm
Image of Rose Balm ☥
Sold out
Rose Balm ☥
Image of Stardust
Image of Helichrysum and Rose Mist
Helichrysum and Rose Mist
Image of Clear Skin Aromatic Toner
Clear Skin Aromatic Toner
Image of Cucumber & Rose Face and Body Mist
Cucumber & Rose Face and Body Mist
Image of Herbal Bug Repellent
Herbal Bug Repellent
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